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Bandak Lunde is a centre for advanced machining in Bandak Group. The company was established in Kongsberg in 1938 and moved to Lunde in 1963. Bandak Lunde has since developed into a high technology company with a highly skilled workforce that takes pride in meeting customers’ needs. The company has approximately 110 employees.  
Complex details and system deliveries are supplied worldwide from modern and well-equipped production premises measuring 11,000 m2.  The business has a fully equipped machine shop for turning, milling and grinding, together with a well-developed inspection, assembly, flushing and testing department. In addition to its own welding department with plasma welding, the company also has a large surface department, which supplies thermal coating. The machine shop also includes a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and two Mill Turn centres, which help us to remain competitive in everything from individual parts to large series.
The bulk of the products supplied by the company are supplied to the Oil & Gas industry, but it is also a much valued supplier of highly complex products for the defence and space industry.
Bandak Lunde is, for many, synonymous with Taut Wire; a product developed and produced in Lunde and which can be found in all of the world’s oceans. The Taut Wire from Bandak Lunde ensures that vessels maintain their exact position, e.g. diver support vessels, cable laying vessels and supply ships. 
MQC plates for subsea systems, levelling jacks, tool joint breakers, swivels, power slips and bolt pre-tensioning equipment are just some of the products manufactured in Lunde. Bandak Lunde applies thermal coating to ball valves, gate valves and a range of components where wear, corrosion and temperature all challenge the basic material in the product. 
The companies employees have a large degree of success in assisting our customers to solve technical challenges and improve our customers’ products through helping to ensure that the products are efficient to produce.
All of Bandak Lunde’ s employees have a focus on 5S and continuous improvements in their everyday work. The entire activity is divided into LEAN groups with defined areas of responsibility, which together make up our overall operation.
The company enjoys a central location, with effective transport connections both within Norway and to other countries.

+ 47 35 10 11 11
+ 47 35 94 66 01    
Visiting address
Sagamoen Industrialpark
Hantovegen 328
3825 Lunde
Postal address
Hantovegen 328
3825 Lunde

Taut wire 24 hours support
Phone +47 95 87 82 26


Lars Erik Hilsen
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 995 59 836
Bjarne Evju
Senior Technical Sales Manager
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 971 20 520
Jan Rød
Senior Account Manager
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 982 240 98
Håvard Øygarden
Account Manager
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 977 35 152
Kate Oddny S. Apalnes
Marketing Coordinator
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 913 39 872
Ståle Kvisberglien
Account Manager
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 481 03 701
Tore S. Hogga
Sales and Marketing Support
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 909 44 291
Siv Eli Lia
Sales and Marketing Support
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 922 94 195
Erik Stensrud
Sales & Marketing Mananger
Bandak Lunde AS
+47 481 88 082
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